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The purpose of the website is to gather and publish the Family History of the Annenberg and Freeman families and their related lines.

A few good web sites for people interested in genealogy:

  • A Genealogist's Guide to Tracing People from Our Past
  • New York City and the Historical Ellis Island

     We have provided our Family Tree with Pictures, comments and any history we might know of as well as links to other Genealogy Web Sites.   

    Some of the family names we are looking for are: Freeman, Friedman, Frankel, Harris, Vigransky, Garbus, Feingold, Feldman, Kirshner, Kushner, Walzer, Goldsmith, Washington, Annenberg, Becker, Cohen, Paritzky, Raskin, Jacobson, Newman, Neyman, Wollman, Shapiro, Stein, Yanklevich, Berkowitz, Schussler, Hertzfeld and Baron.

    Some of the hometown's  we are also looking for are as follows: Eishysok and Viner Poland / Lithuania, Eisiskes Lithuania, Vilinus Lithuania, Saratov Ukraine, Bobruisk Belarus, Tyrolean Austria, Hanover Germany, Stanislaw Poland, Kalush Austria Hungarian empire / Poland / Ukraine, Archangel Russia, Libechae Russia and Jitomer Russia.

    The countries our families came from  include but are not limited to: Poland, Lithuania,  Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Germany and Austria. Among the countries they went to the United States, Israel, Canada, England, Australia and Brazil.

    Most of our research center's from the time our ancestor's entered the United States and the New York City area where most of them settled. We do have limited information from Europe but it is in the form of English Census Records and other documentation.


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    Celebrity Page                                           This link will show where our Celebrity Connections, both proven and unproven are.

    Cemetery Information                                This page has links to various cemeteries in the New York City Area and various other places. Most of the one's in the New York City area  have online database's with a free search.

    Certificates Page                                      This page list the links to Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates that we have posted

    Census Records                                       Selected Census Records in the United States, England and Canada.

    Company Most Wanted List                     Information we have or need on some Family owned companies.

    Documentation Page                                This page has some of the documentation we use to verify our research.

    Death Certificates                                     This have a small sample of some of the Death Certificates we have.

    Eishyshok                                                   This page has links to one of our hometowns,  Eishyshok.

    Information Pages                                     This page provide links to the families via family groups  

    In Laws Page                                             This page show's where the in-laws fit into our family. 

    In The Papers                                            This page is to show when family members have been either interviewed, photographed or mentioned in the newspapers.

    Maiden Names                                          This page for an explains how we treat women's maiden names

    Marriage Certificates                               This is a small sample of some of the Marriage Certificated that we have or given to us.

    Naturalization Records Page                  Selected Naturalizations Records for the United States and the United Kingdom.

    New York Surrogate Court                      Selected information about Court Appointed Executors for Settlement of Estates.

    Obituaries Page                                        Our Obituaries Page

    Passenger Records Page                       Selected list of Passenger Records for Ellis Island New York and other Ports of entry into the United States

    Photo Page                                                Please check out some of the photo's we have posted. These include some of our ancestors.

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    Reference Material Page                        This page shows some of our Reference Material

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