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The purpose of this page is to explain our website.


My name is David. I have always liked History.  After Carole and I were married, we bought our first computer.  A few months later we bought our first Family Tree program and the research started.

The purpose of our website is to publish the information we have on the families we are researching. We do that for a few reasons. One is to communicate with family members on what we have found. Another is the hope that other family members, both old and new, to find us and to make any additions, changes or deletions

We have provided our Family Tree with Pictures, family groupings, other documentation, comments and any history we might know of as well as links to other Genealogy Web Sites.

 Our documentation includes Census Records ,Passenger and  Naturalization Records, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, as well as Obituaries, Birth and Marriage Announcements. Most of the above documentation is from the United States with some from England, Ireland and Canada. Due to limited space on our website, only selected documentation has been provided.

Various family members have also provided information. That comes various forms including but not limited to family interviews, documentation and information that they have sent us as well as websites like this one.

When ever possible we have attempted to document the information we have found.

We do not actively search for every family listed in our files. 

Two of the more important pages are our  Infomation Pages  and our Documentation Pagel. That is where you can find the link's of the families we are tracking. Almost all of our information that we post online are linked to those 2 pages. We do not post most of our documentation.

Some of  the family names were are researching in my family is Annenberg, Becker, Jacobson, Newman / Neyman, Becker Cohn, Paritzky, Raskin, Bkuma, Shapiro, Stein, Wollman, Yanklevich, Jacobs, Berkowitz / Berkwitts, Schussler, Hertzfeld and Baron.

Some of the names in Carole's family we are researching are: Freeman / Friedman, Frankel, Vigransky, Harris Garbus, Feingold, Feldman, Kushner / Kirshner / Kirschner, Cohen Walzer, Waltzer, Goldsmith and Washington.

Some of the In-Laws  we are researching are: Asner,  Paikowsky / Paikowski, Shlansky / Shlanski, Mulfeld, Bartley, Boyne, Donovan, Ryan Carey, Sheil, Walpole Meehan, Noonan, Manning, Flaherty, Byrne, Bull, Bulle, Ryder, Shyken, Levine, Finger and Gordon.

Some of the hometown's  we are also looking for are as follows: Eishysok and Vilner Poland / Lithuania, Saratov Ukraine, Bobruisk Belarus, Tyrolean Austria, Hanover Germany, Stanislaw Poland, Kalush Austria Hungarian Empire / Poland / Ukraine, Archangel Russia, Libechae Russia, Jitomer Russia, England and Ireland.

The countries our families came from  include but are not limited to: Poland, Lithuania,  Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Germany, Austria, Ireland  and England. Among the countries they went to are the United States, Israel, Canada, England, South Africa, Australia and Brazil.

Most of our research center's from the time our ancestor's entered the United States and the New York City area where most of them settled. We do have limited information from Europe but it is in the form of Irish and English Census Records as well as other documentation

Even though we use the below Google link to search our website, putting to much or to little information might mean you will not find what you are looking for.

In addition, be careful of the spelling of family names. Our database might not have spell  the name the same way you might spell the name.


Please make sure you check our Website Additions and Updates Page for important information about additions, changes, updates and deletions to our website.


These pages listed below contains links to about 95% of our website.


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Information on our website

Celebrity Page                                           This link will show where our Celebrity Connections, both proven and unproven are.

Documentation Page                                This page show's what documentation we have posted.

Information Pages                                     This page provide links to the families via family groups  

Maiden Names                                          This page for an explains how we treat women's maiden names

Random Act  of  Kindness Page             This is our Random Act of Kindness Page. Sometimes we have a request from some  for some help so we have created this page for that purpose.          

Research Page                                         This is our Main Research Page. It  will take you to the various Research information, links and suggestions

Search Page                                             This is our Search Page

Story Page                                                This is our Story Page. It tells some of the stories we have heard over the years as well as selected mention of family members in the newspapers.

Website Additions and Updates Page   Please check this page for any new or changed information.


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