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This is our Celebrity Page. It has links to family that are directly or indirectly release to both Carole and David.


Annenberg Information Page                 This page will show you the Family of TV Guide and former Ambassador to Great Britain, Walter Annenberg.

Asner Information Page                          For information about Actor Ed Asner  and  the Asner Family.

Charren Information Page                           This page infcludes information about Sindey Joseph (SJ) Perelman. Among the

Jacobson Information Page                   Actor Paul  Reiser's 1st cousin, Janet  Reiser,  married Paul Wax who a cousin of my in the Leopold Jacobson branch of our Jacobson Family. While we do not have him listed, we do have his cousin listed.

Newman Information Page                    We are trying to prove a connection to Actor Paul Newman

Wilde Information Page                          These pages are out the Irish Playwright Oscar Wilde and his family


Specific Family members that we are looking for.

Rodov Documentation Page                  Boris Rodov was 1st Secretary at the  Soviet Embassy in Japan during the 1930's and 1940's.

Noone McGlaughlin Family Home Page    We are trying to prove a connection to Peter Noonan from Herman's Hermits


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