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Here are selected Picture's that we have collected over the years. They were taken at various Family Events as well as vacations and other special events.



Annenberg Photo Page                                 Please see this page for some picture's of some members of the Annenberg family.

Jacobs Photo Page                                      A picture of Maurice Yanklevich, David's maternal grandfather. He changed his name to Maurice Jacobs.

Jacobson Photo Page                                  Selected pictures of Helen Jacobson, nee Newman and family.

1912 Jacobson Family Passover Picture   This picture was taken during Passover 1912.  My great great grandfather, Leopold Jacobson, died later that year.

Schussler Photo Page                                   Schussler Family Pictures

Wilde Photo Page                                         These pictures are of the Irish Playwright Oscar Wilde




Random Act of Kindness Page and  photos 

Ryan Murphy Photo                                     Unknown member of the Ryan Carey families.

Stein Photo Page                                        Please see this page. We need help is identifying this person and the possible connection to our Wollman and Stein Families. The picture is also at the bottom of this page.



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