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Boris Rodov was 1st Secretary at the  Soviet Embassy in Japan during the 1930's and 1940's.


tokio_rodov3 Boris Genia Salva and Alexander Rodov in Tokyo 1937 - 1938


The picture was made in Tokyo in Yeghi art studio around 1937-1938.

·        There is Genia Slava nee Neiman Rodov (daughter of Nason Neiman),

o       when she worked as secretary of soviet ambassador in Tokyo.

o       Incidentally the ambassador was killed during Stalin terror.

·        To Genia’s left is her husband Boris Rodov

o        Whom at the time of this photograph was 1st secretary of embassy in Tokyo

o       Their son’s name was Alexander Rodov.




rodov_japanese_peace_talks5 Boris Rodov far left


Pictured below is Genia Slava nee Neiman Rodov’s husband: Boris Rodov taken during peace talks with Japanese







This picture was taken in Tokyo during the 1950’s wherein  we see


·        Pictured second from the left is Genia Slava Neiman  (ie. Nason Neiman’s daughter / Leon Neiman of Israel’s great aunt or Zelik Neiman’s sister). Genia Slava nee Neiman Rodov was from following Neiman descendant's: Ben & Shenya – Leyzer – Zelik – Nason – Genia Slava nee Neiman Rodov (daughter). To Genia Slava’s right is her husband: Boris Rodov, pictured third from the left.




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