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This page is meant to guide a researcher into what sources are available to researching your ancestor's. While we will be listing web sites, it does not mean we endorse these sites or receive compensation from these sites.

We currently use Family Tree Maker program to compile our Family Tree and use the Family Tree Maker Web Site to post one of our Web Pages.


Research Links                                   To see the various websites that have useful Genealogy Information, including one's we have used and subscribed to.

Reference Material                             To see where we got some of our source material.

Research Suggestions Page             We have some suggestions on how to do research which we have listed here.


Cemetery Information                         This page has links to various cemeteries in the New York City Area. Most of the one's listed has online database's with a free search.

Company Most Wanted List               We are looking for information about the companies listed on this page

Maiden Names                                    This page for an explains how we treat women's maiden names.

Public Library Pages                           For Links to various Public Libraries in the United States that have Genealogy Information.

Random Act  of  Kindness Page       This is our Random Act of Kindness Page 

United Kingdom Information Page     Information we have on family we have and family we can not prove in addition to United Kingdom Genealogy Related Links


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Information listed on Family Tree Maker.com

Complete List of Names                            A list of all our names on our Family Tree Maker home page

Index to Complete List of Names              Index to our list of all our names on our Family Tree Maker home page

Family Tree Maker Home Page               Our Family Tree Maker home page


Some of our other  Important pages.

Documentation Page                          This page show's how we document our information.

Information Pages                               This page provide links to the families via family groups     

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Search Page                                        This is our Search Page

Story Page                                           This is our Story Page



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