We wish to thank 6th grader - April Reed who requested this be added New York City History Ellis Island - https://wwwyourlawyer.com/library/new-york-city-history-ellis-island/ Research Links Page




David Annenberg and Carole Freeman Family History and Genealogy Website



Links to Genealogy Related Web Sites: 


Some of these sites are free. Some of these sites are subscription sites. Some are both.


The below few links came at the suggestions of teachers and librarians.


The below link comes at the request of Ms Julie's student Isabella, who wants to be a History Teacher.

History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy


In addition, I have found some webistes that might help Kids get into Genealogy as it relates to their Family History.

National Archives Foundastion Kids and Families

Library of Congress Activities for Kids and Families

And for the Shaakespeare lover is a lot of us:

Library of Congress Shakespeare's Genealogies Webcast

Library of Congress Shakespeare's Genelogies Transcript


This page has been posted at the request of Monica's 4th graders

Trace your Family Tree


This page has been posted at the request of Lorie Murdock, a teacher  from the Brighter Futures Charter School. I hope her student gets extra credit for this suggestion.

Action Donation Services


The below link comes at the recommendation a group called Enriching Kids found at http://enrichingkids.com/  We hope the member of this group who found the below link and this webpage takes pride in finding both links and requesting that we post what she found below.

This link for additional Ellis Island information and while it has nothing to do with The Official Ellis Island Website is still have some very useful links.


This page has been posted at the request of Marylyn Brooks, a volunteer Librarian at a local library in Maine.

United States Citizenship Making Immigration and Naturalization Forms Easy  This is not a US Government webpage but does have some useful links and information.


Asian American History Timeline  This link came from an employee of the same company  mentioned above. 


I make NO endorsement of that company other than posting this Genealogy/History  link as well as the above link as both links are genealogy related.



We just want to say "Thanks to Joan's class in Vermont" for suggesting this site and the following 3 sites as well.

New York.com                                               A History of New York City.

Dead Fred                                                     Thousands of identified and mystery 19th & 20th century photos from New York

National Archives Genealogy                          National archive that has many topics, events, and tools for genealogists




Some of the sites we like.

These sites are free unless noted otherwise.

Cyndi's List  

Naturalization Records

Olive Tree Genealogy

Olive Tree Ship Passenger Lists

Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter

Kimberly Powell's Genealogy at About com

Kimberly Powell's  Holocaust Links 

Kimberly Powell's 101 Ways to Research your Family Tree for Free

Genealogy Guys Podcast                          George G Morgan and Drew Smith discuss genealogy.

Steven Morse                                              See below for a link to the New York City Marriage Index       

Steve Morse New York City Marriage     This one cross reference's the Brides and Grooms with each other                                   .

Steve Morse and Footnote                       Searching Naturalization Records on Footnote in One Step. You need to subscribe to Footnote to see the actual document.

Ellis Island and Castle Garden at Steven Morse

Castle Garden

Ellis Island Records       

Italian Genealogy Database                      This is mostly for New York City and surrounding New York State Counties 

German Genealogy Group Database      This is mostly for New York City and surrounding New York State Counties

Dear Myrtle

Dead Fred

Yahoo Genealogy


Genealogy Resources                               While we are recommending the links on this page, we do not know enough about the website to say the same.


Below are the links for some of New York City's Genealogy websites. 

The New York City Municipal Archives are located at 31 Chambers Street New York, New York, across from City Hall. You can do in person research at the Archives. Please check with them for Current Pricing for the use of the microfilm and any certificate you might want.

The New York City Department of Health is a few blocks away.

New York City Municipal Archives   and / or New York City Municipal Archives Genealogy Section

   This site can be used for selected Marriage, Birth and Death Records for  Residents of New York City. The counties included are Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan (New York County). Also has some New York State Census and City Directories.

The New York City Archives has informed me that before approx. 1900, Records were not required.

 For Dates after those listed under the NYC Municipal Archives please see below. . This site can be used for Marriage, Birth and Death Records for  Residents of New York City. The counties included are Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan (New York County). 

New York City Department of Health  

New York City Department of Health Birth Certificates 

New York City Department of Health Death Certificates

New York City Marriage Bureau

New York City Vital Records Forms




Public Library Pages                           For Links to various Public Libraries in the United States that have Genealogy Information.


Jewish Related website's

The Shtetl Museum  The webmaster for this site, Yaffa Elach,  is the author of the book  ‘There once was a World a 900 Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok’.  I have used this book to document part of my Berkowitz Family, as well as the Asner and Shlansky families of whom I am related to.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Jewish Museum  London's Museum of Jewish Life

Yad Vashem

Shoah Connect

Center for Jewish History

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

Leo Baeck Institute New York

American Jewish Historical Society

Israel Genealogical Society

Jewish Genealogy   

Jewish Genealogy Avotaynu

Jewish East End Celebration Society

Jewish East End of London

Kindred Konnections      

Israel Genealogy Web


These are some paid and free sites.

Godfrey Library                                              We are former members

 www.ancestry.com                                       A paid subscription site. We currently have a paid subscription to this site.     

www.rootsweb.com                                       A Free site owned by ancestry.com                      

www.footnote.com                                        This is a  paid subscription site and we not longer subscribe. This site has an agreement with the United States National Archives among other places and is now owned by Ancestry.com. 

www.worldvitalrecords.com                         This is a paid subscription site.  We make no comments about this site other than to list it. Please let us know what you think.  


The following sites take you to non government websites that provide various information that leads indexes that provide information on how to order  Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates and Immigration Records. These are non government sites and while they are free, some of them ask for donations.

Please also see the above links to State and Local government Index's and well as Federal websites.

Death Indexes                   

California Death Records via Roots web            


United Kingdom Websites

The United Kingdom National Archives





Ireland  Websites

The National Archives of Ireland    Includes free search of the 1901 and 1911 Irish Census.



The following pages are United State Federal Government Websites

US Census Bureau       

United States Census Bureau

United States Census Bureau State and County Quick Facts

US National Archives Pages

United States National Archives

United States National Archives - AAD - Main Page

United States National Archives Northeast Region New York City

United States National Archives Passport Page

United States National Archives Genealogy Index

United States National Archives Genealogy Links


US Veterans Links

United States National Archives E Vet Records

United States Veterans Affairs Nationwide Grave Locater


US Library of Congress

Library of Congress Home Page

Library of Congress Local History and Genealogy Reading Room

Library of Congress Preservation Page


US Citizen and Immigration Services

History Genealogy and Education


USA Gov Family History and Genealogy

USA Gov Family History and Genealogy Links



The below links are for State and Local government websites.


Below are the links for some of New York City Genealogy websites. 


Westchester County New York Websites

Westchester County New York Archives

Westchester County Marriage Records Index 1908-1930

Westchester County Court Records 1768-1912 Personal Name Index

Westchester County Naturalization Records 1808-1927 Personal Name Index


New York State Websites

New York State Controller's Office of Unclaimed Funds If you have any relative's who lived or worked in New York State please check this site. I have found family who have unclaimed funds as far back as 1968.

New York State Department of Health Genealogy Records and Resources

New York State Department of Health

Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Records - New York State Department of Health

New York State Research Room


Other States and Local Websites:

Illinois Statewide Marriage Index, 1763–1900

Illinois Statewide Death Index, 1871-1915

Illinois Statewide Death Index, 1916–1950

Cook County Genealogy                        You need to register at this website. I do not know to much more about this website.

Cook County Illinois Clerks Office

Cook County Illinois Vital Records Office

Illinois Global State Archives Database   Click on the database you want and follow the instructions or click on Global Database Search to search all of their databases.  A very useful site if you have family in Illinois, especially for me the Marriage and Death Index's.

Pennsylvania Dept of Health Vital Records General Information

Arizona Department of Health Services Genealogy Birth and Death Certificates

New Jersey State Archives

City of Boston Massachusetts Archives and Records

Massachusetts Archives Vital Records Search    This site have an online index to Birth Marriage and Death Certificates up to 1910 (I think)

California Birth Index 1905-1995              This site is sponsored in part by the California Genealogical Society and Library found at  http://www.calgensoc.org/

West Virginia Archives and History          Birth, Marriage and Death Index and Certificates.

Georgia Archives                                       State of Georgia Archives

George Archives Virtual Vault

Georgia Archives Death Certificates 1919-1927

Missouri State Archives 

Missouri Birth  and Death Records Database

Missouri Death Certificates 1910-1956

Utah History Research Center

Kentucky Vital Records Project Death Records

West Virginia Archives and History

West Virginia Death Records Search

Shelby County Tennessee Register of Deeds

Fond Du Lac Wisconsin Vital Statistics Index at Fond Du Lac Public Library


Foreign Websites

Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics Page

Nova Scotia Official Tourism Website

Polish State Archives

Australian Family History Compendium


Historical Societies

New England Ancestors

New York Ancestors

Memphis Shelby County History and Genealogy Indexes

BYU Idaho Special Collections and Family History

Minnesota Historical Society | Family History & Genealogy


Genealogy Certification Groups

Board for Certification of Genealogists


These are some of the sites the Church of the Later Day Saints maintain

Free Census at Family Search              Free Census and other Records at Family Search








Other Websites

Academic Genealogy        We found this site but I know very little about it.


Here are some links to Family Tree maker and Genelogy.com Websites

Family Tree Maker      

Genealogy . com  Search at Genealogy . com

Family Tree Magazine Forms  Here is a link for some free forms at Family Tree Magazine.

Soundex Code  Soundex Code at Family Tree Magazine


Information listed on Family Tree Maker.com

Complete List of Names                            A list of all our names on our Family Tree Maker home page

Index to Complete List of Names              Index to our list of all our names on our Family Tree Maker home page

Family Tree Maker Home Page               Our Family Tree Maker home page


Google Search of our Website

Google Search                                            Use this to search our website


Links to some of our web pages:


Research Page                                   This page will take you to the various Research information, links and suggestions 

Research Suggestions Page             We have some suggestions on how to do research which we have listed here.

Cemetery Information                          This page has links to various cemeteries in the New York City Area. Most of the one's listed has online database's with a free search.

Public Library Pages                           For Links to various Public Libraries in the United States that have Genealogy Information.

Documentation Page                          This page show's how we document our information.

Information Pages                               This page provide links to the families via family groups       



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