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Our Reference Material Page


This is where we give credit to where get some of our information.

We have also intervened various family members, received information from them as well as some of the information they had posted on various websites. We have also used information from Census Records, Partnership Agreements, Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Social Security Application


We have also used 2 books to get Family connections from.

‘There once was a World a 900 Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok’    by Yaffa Elach

 Family Information provided by this book included, but not limited to, the following families: Asner, Paikowski / Paikowsky, Shlanski / Shlansky and Berkowitz. The Asner family mentioned here and in the book is the family of the American Actor Edward Asner, from the American Television shows  'Mary Tyler Moore' and Lou Grant'.


'Tradition and Modernism in the Shtetl Aisheshuk 1919 - 1939'   by Ellen Livingston

 Family information provided by this book is mostly about the Shlanski / Shlansky family.


In addition to the Documentation on our Documentation Page, some of the website's we use on our Research Links Page . In addition, some of the sources  we have used the United States National Archives, the United States Social Security Administration, New York City Municipal Archives   and / or  New York City Municipal Archives Vital Records , New York City Public Library Irma and Paul Milstein Division, Long Island Room Queens Library Queens County NYC New York, Steven Morse , Castle Garden, Ellis Island Records ,Italian Genealogy Database , German Genealogy Group Database, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Yad Vashem,  http://www.jewishgen.com, www.Rootsweb.com, www.Ancestry.com, Genealogy, Family Tree Maker, www.footnote.com and from the Godfrey Library, Heritage Quest, the New York Times, Boston Globe, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times.


Some of the above mentioned site's are subscription sites. We currently are paying for www.ancestry.com and previously subscribed to both the Godfrey Library and www.footnote.com.


Eishyshok                                            This page has links to one of our hometowns,  Eishyshok.

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Documentation Page                         This page show's how we documented our information and what documentation we posted on our website

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