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This page has links to one of our hometowns,  Eishyshok.


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Museum of Family History Eishyshok

Shtel Foundation Eishyshok


Yad Vashem                                                 The Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority


The following Families came from Eishyshok or Vilna.

They moved to Israel, New York City, Springfield and Boston Massachuetts as well as other places.

Berkowitz Information Page                       These pages are about the Berkowitz family from Eishyshok Lithuania, New York City and the Springfield Massachusetts, .metropolitan area.

Paikowsky Information Page                     These pages have information about the Paikowski, Paikowsky, Garber, Gariepy and Berkowitz Families.

Shlansky Information Page                        These pages have information about the Shlansky and Shlanski famiies.

Yanklevich Information Page                     These pages have information about the Yanlevich and Jacobs families.



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