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This page is meant to link all of the information we have about the various branches of the Annenberg Family. The various branches think we are all related and hope that someone has the missing pieces. The various branches live in the United States, Brazil, England, South Africa and Australia.


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Annenberg Documentation Page      This listed some of the documentation we have on the various branches of the Annenberg Families


My branch of the Annenberg's came from Russia. They were part of the migration from Germany to Russia. I  have been told the  my branch of the family  came from  Saratov, Ukraine.  Family legend has the family going from Germany to Russia to the United States and the place they lived in Russia was Archangel, Russia. I have since found out that my branch left from Saratov, Ukraine to come to Brooklyn, New York USA during the 1880's and early 1890's. During the 1900 - present time frame, the family spread out across the United States.   The town in Germany that I believe we came from  was the town of Anna. The name of Annenberg came about because they lived by the berg of Anna (Hill of village of Anna) in Germany.

Moses, and his son Sol, were in the marble business in New York. Moses was in Brooklyn, and Sol was in Queens County, NY. Both Brooklyn and Queens are  currently part of New York City.

Annenberg Becker Family Home Page                Descendants of Barnett (David Bernard) Annenberg and his 2nd wife Sarah Becker and his parents Kadish and Russell Annenberg (Maiden Name not known)

Becker Cohen Annenberg Family Home Page   Descendants of Moses Becker and his wife Hannah Cohen.


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Annenberg Brazil                                                                     This  branch of the Family moved to São Paulo, Brasil. They came from Saratov, Soviet Union. Saratov is currently in the Ukraine


The below pages are not being updated very often.


This page is about the late billionaire Walter Annenberg and his family.

Moses and Walter Annenberg Family Home Page              This family information is about Moses Annenberg the gangster and his son Walter Annenberg, TV Guide founder and United States  Ambassador to England. This page is about Moses Annenberg's Fathers family.

Annenberg Pismon Family Home Page                              This page is about Moses Annenberg's mother's family.


Some of these families live in England, South Africa and the United States.

Annenberg Moses Barnet Family Home Page                   Descendants of Moses Annenberg. Name of  wife is not known. Names include Annenberg and Duckston.

Duckston Family Home Page                                               Descendants of Judah Duckston and daughter Sarah. They are related to the above Moses Annenberg

Annenberg Morris Family Home Page                                Descendants of Maurice Annenberg and Sophia Morris 

Annenberg Ash Family Home Page                                    Descendants of Mordechai Yehuda Mark Ash and Sophia (Ash).  Names include Annenberg, Ash, Ashberry, Yates-Fish and Hayward.           

Annenberg  Doboklski Family Home Page                         Descendants of Isaac Annenberg and Fanny Dobroklski. Names include Annenberg, Dobroklski and Bernard.

Annenberg Hirsch Braun Family Home Page                      Descendants of Hirsch Braun Annenberg. Name of wife is not known.  This branch moved from England to South Africa.

Annenberg Tobias and Rebecca Family Home Page        Descendants of Tobias and Rebecca Barchah Annenberg. I am not sure of Rebecca's maiden name


Annenberg Goldstein Family Home Page                           Israel Annenberg and Pasadina Goldstein and their sons Isidore and Max Annenberg. Isidore and Max went from Russia to England and then came to the United States. Isidore went to Chicago about 1900 and Max went to New York about 1905.

Annenberg Koslow Family Home Page                               They are related to Max Annenberg  through Diane Pearl Koslow's mother

Kaufman Koslow Family Home Page                                  They are related to Max Annenberg  through Diane Pearl Koslow's mother


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