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This is some of  the Documentation Page for the various branches of the Annenberg Family that I have researched and some of what was sent to me as well


Annenberg Information Page


In The Papers                                                This page is to show when family members have been either interviewed, photographed or mentioned in the newspapers.

Marriage Certificates                                   This is a small sample of some of the Marriage Certificates that we have or given to us.

Death Certificates                                        This have a small sample of some of the Death Certificates we have.

Census Annenberg Family                          This page has the some of the Census Records we have on the various branches of the Annenberg Family.

Annenberg Photo Page                               Please see this page for some picture's of some members of the Annenberg family

US Naturalization Records Annenberg Family

UK Naturalization Records Annenberg Family

World War 1 English Annenberg's             Information on members of the Annenberg's who served in the English Armed Forces during World War 1.                                  

United Kingdom Information Page             Information we have on family we have and family we can not prove in addition to United Kingdom Genealogy Related Links


We are looking for information about the following companies, Annenberg and Sons and Annenberg Bros.  They were in business in the early 1890's in Brooklyn, NY.  

Annenberg Marble                                       This page has information about Annenberg Marble

Annenberg Jewelers                                    This page is about the Watchmaker and Jewelers that my family had owned.



Additional Documentation about some of the various branches.


Max and Isidore Annenberg                    Please see the Annenberg Siblings Page.

Annenberg's from South Africa

2002 Information about WW1 English Annenbergs from Paul Annenberg August 9,2002

1999 FAMILY TREE Issac and Fanny Annenberg 12.01.1999

Isaac Annenberg and Fanny Dobroklski from Paul Annenberg's Website



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Celebrity Page                                           This link will show where our Celebrity Connections, both proven and unproven are

Census Records                                          Selected Census Records in the United States, England and Canada.

Company Most Wanted List                        Information we have on some companies.

Documentation Page                                This page show's how we document our information.

Information Pages                                     This page provide links to the families via family groups  

Story Page                                                 This is our Story Page

Photo Page                                                Please check out some of the photo's we have posted


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