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This is our Death Certificate Page.


It will list only some of the Death Certificates we have.


Barnett and Sarah are husband and wife. Moses is there oldest son and my great grandfather.

1905 Barnett Annenberg Death Certificate May 21,1905.pdf

1932 Sarah Annenberg Death Certificate  October 24,1932.pdf

1931 Moses Annenberg Death Certificate November 2,1931.pdf       


Emma is Carole's great grandmother.

1915 Emma Friedman Death Certificate December 24,1915.pdf              


Leopold and Monus are brothers.

Helen and Leopold are husband and wife and are my great great grandparents.

Brocha is the widow of their older brother Avraham Shlomo Jacobson.

1928 Brocha Jacobson Death Certificate October 9,1928.pdf         

1912 Leopold Jacbson Death Certificate September 10,1912.pdf  

1932 Helen Jacobson Death Certificate June 24,1932.pdf

1934 Monus Jacobson Death Certificate May 29,1934.pdf             


 Elias and Anna are Husband and Wife and are my great grandparents.

1925 Anna Wollman Death Certificate August 18,1925.pdf            

1932 Elias Adolph Wollman Death Certificate August 5,1932.pdf      




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Annenberg Documentation Page

Friedman Documentation Page

Jacobson Documentation Page

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Wollman Documentation Page



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