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     This page is about the Berkowitz, Jacobs, Yanklevich, Balk, Paikwoski / Paikowsky, Shlanksy / Shlanski and Asner Families that came from Vilner and Eishyshok, Poland and Eishyshok and Vilnius Lithuania.

    There are 2 branches of the Balk Family. One is part of the Berkowitz Family, which is my family, and the other appears below as a courtesy to Hyman Balk.   That branch is from Radvilskis, Lithuania. Please contact him concerning information about that branch.

    We think the Shlansky Family is related to one of the families listed below. Please see their information as well.

Some of the information  concerning the Paikowsky, Asner and Shlansky families came from the book 'There Once was a World A 900 Year Chronicle of the Shtetl of Eishyshok'  by Yaffa Eliach and  'Tradition and Modernism in the Shtetl Aisheshuk 1919-1939'  by Ellen Livingston.


Roberta Balk Story                                   For an interesting story about Roberta Batshaw, nee Balk, please see the information posted on this page.

Jacobs Photo Page                                  A picture of Maurice Yanklevich, David's maternal grandfather. He changed his name to Maurice Jacobs

Ellis Island Records                                  You can view the passenger record of Maurice Jacobs, David's grandfather, and his first wife Anna Jacobs, maiden name not known


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