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The families are but not limited to: Walzer, Waltzer, Knauer, Charren, Rosenthal, Kirshner and Cobert.

According my our research, the families came from Meilnitzer Galicia and Uscie Biskupie Austria and went to Chicago, Illinois and the various Boroughs of New York City, New York.  The family seems to came over starting in the mid 1890's and were here by the mid 1900's. 

My research also show's they were Furriers. Jacob,Sam, Max and Herman were the furriers. 

Most of the Information about Aaron, Herman, Pauline (aka Perrel), Samuel, Max Samuel. Ida and Irene came from various Mid 1920's City Directories, the 1900,1910,1920 and 1930 the Bronx and Brooklyn, New York  Census Records, Carole's Uncle's Family Tree File and various family members.

Information about the Knauer family came from one of their descendants.



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The Rosenthal Family and the Walzer Family are related by marriage.

Rosenthal Information Page          These pages have information about the Rosenthal, Charren and Bashlow Families


We are looking for a possible connection between the Koppelson and Walzer families. 

Koppelson Information Page        This page provides links to the Koppelson, Sloan, Peysor and Walzer Families.



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