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The family is from Kalush, Austria Hungarian Empire / Poland / Ukraine,  Tyrolean, Austria and Hanover, Germany.

Most of the Schussler siblings went from  Kalush, Austrian-Hungarian Empire to the United States. Schumel and his family went to Tyrolean, Austria, then Hanover Germany.  His daughter Dorothy, my grandmother, came to New York City after World War 1. Schumel's wife died before WW1. Schumel and  the rest of his children are believe to have died during the Holocaust.

An interesting note. Batzalele has a sister named Yetta. Her daughter Perl married her first cousin Samson, 1 of Batzalele's sons.

Yetta Kummel's, nee Schussler  daughter, Pearl married her first cousin,  Samson (Shim Sun) Schussler. Samson's father, Batzalele Schussler, is the brother of       Yetta Kummel's, nee Schussler.


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Schussler Documentation Page     The information here I have found through various sites including the New York Times.


Most of the family information found on the below 2 pages has been provided by Paul Weinberg through interview's and his book, "My Word is my Bond". You can see additional information on the book at: My Word is My Bond

 He can be reached by email at: mailto:pweinbergpe@juno.com



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