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The family is thought to have come from Zhitomir, Ukraine.


The family name was Kushner. Philip changed  it to Kirshner. Irving changed it to Kirschner.  They are half brothers. They share the same father. Irving has a half sister, Lena. They share the same mother. Lena's mom married Philip's dad and they had Irving. Irving is the half brother to both Philip and Irving.


Kirshner Family Pictures                                                      These picture's were taken at various Kirshner functions.

Mayerman Family Pictures                                                  These pictures we have taken at various Mayerman Family Events


Kirshner Documentation Page                                           Here is some of the documentation we have about the Kirshner Family



Kushner Cohen Family Home Page                                   This page is about the Kirshner, Kushner and Cohen Family.

Barrick Kirschner Mayerman Family Home Page             This page is about the Kirschner, Maymerrman and Barrick Family.


Cohen Information Page


Please see the Jacobson Family  and the Shyken Family   to see the connection between the Jacobson, Kirshner and Shyken families



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