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Information about the Furrier's owned by Anna Walzer, wife of Samuel Walzer in New York and Sam's brother Herman Walzer in Chicago.

The Samuel and Herman Walzer mentioned above are the older brother's to my grandmother, Irene Kirshner, nee Walzer


A Walzer and Son    330 7th Avenue New York, NY    Furrier     We have partnership agreements listing the partners, including the married names of the daughters.

The principal's were  Anna (the A in 'A  Walzer'), children Charles (one the son's in 'and Son), Henrietta, Fannie, Harry and Max.  Charles seems to be the main son who ran the business.  They were a Furrier at various locations in New York City from approximately 1900 to 1970.  

Anna is married to Samuel Walzer. Samuel does not seem to have any ownership interest after the December 7,1913 bankruptcy of Waltzer & Brosow, Walter & Walzer, and Walzer, Waxman & Memis. See the attached link below for more information.

One of the  replacement firm's  is A Walzer's Fur's at 150 West 30th Street, New York, NY 10001. Both locations are near the current Penn Station at 7th Avenue and West 33rd Street.


A Walzer Mfg Furrier

1913 Walzer Business Troubles December 7,1913

1940 Single Fur Sold a Record NY Times January 23,1940


H Walzer and Company  174 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, ILL  Furriers.

Herman, brother in law to Anna,  went to Chicago and was a Fur Manufacturer from about 1890 until his Death in 1939.

According to his 1939 Chicago Tribune Obituary, he founded H Walzer & Co, Chicago Furriers in 1896. It was located at  174 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. The company was still in business as late as 1955.


1937 H Walzer Furriers Lease Space Chicago Tribune Sept 5,1937

1947 H Walzer & Company Tribune Style Show Clothes Chicago Tribune October 28,1947

1955 H Walzer Fur Ad Chicago Tribune Sept 20,1955

1955 H Walzer Fur Ad Chicago Tribune October 4,1955



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