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This is our Walzer Obituary Page


Herman Walzer, wife Sophia and some of their children.


1934 Sophia Walzer Obit Chicago Tribune March 14,1934

1939 Herman Walzer Obituary Chicago Tribune January 13,1939

1939 Herman Walzer Obit Chicago Tribune January 13,1939           This obituary in the only link that I could find that list's Herman and his 6 known siblings. Other information can only link 1 or 2 siblings together at a time.



We are hoping the Obituaries listed are related to our Walzer Family.

1962 Helen F Walzer Obit Chicago Tribune April 8,1962

1968 Elfrieda Walzer Obit Chicago Tribune July 29,1968

1969 Mary Walzer Obit Chicago Tribune May 4,1969



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